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Package travel

In Bulgaria the tourist companies have to comply with the provisions of the Law on tourism. The obligations of the organisers of package travels are defined there, as well as what you can do if something goes wrong with your vacation.


What is a package travel?

The package travel includes at least two of the following:

  • transportaiton
  • accommodation
  • tourist services, such as day trips

This type of holiday is booked in advance and is sold at an inclusive price, meaning you pay for everything all together. It must also cover a period of more than 24 hours or include an overnight accommodation.

[!] Pay attention! Not all tourist travels are covered by the provisions for package travel - for example, if you make up your own package on the internet using different suppliers for transport and accommodation.

How to choose the holiday?

Travel insurance

  • The tour operator or agent provides to the tourist an insurance with a licensed insurer obligatory insurance "medical costs for illness and accident of the tourist" for international holidays.
  • The tour operator should provide to the tourist a copy of his insurance in case of insolvency - his own, or of the airline or the hotel. The insurance covers costs for returning home and missed vacations.

Information when booking your trip 

The tour operator directly or through his agent is obliged to provide to the tourist before the contract the following information:

  • passport and visas and the terms for obtaining the needed documents; and
  • information on the medical and health requirements in relation to the travel and stay.

Information before you travel

7 days before your travel at latest the trader should inform you about:

  • the intinerary - time and place of stops and connections, type of vehicles.
  • the name and address of his representative at the place of stay.
  • insurances in relation to the contract.
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What to do if you are unhappy with your holiday?

  • you should let the resort representative know your concerns straight away. You may have to ask for a complaint form or put your complaint in writing in a separate letter.
  • if things are not put right straight away, collect evidence about the problem such as photographs and statements from other holidaymakers. When you get home, check your holiday brochure. It is against the law for tour operators to mislead you about the holiday.
  • Then contact the tour operator in term of 7 days and send him copies of your evidence - always keep the originals. Explain what went wrong and tell him how much compensation you want.
  • If you are unhappy with the tour operator's response, you should contact us for further help.

We can:

  • provide additional advice.
  • provide information on your particular case.
  • contact the tour operator and try to find an amicable solution of the problem.
  • advise you to take you case to an out-of-court scheme, or to court procedures if necessary.
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