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If you are in another EU country, mobile operators are not allowed to charge you a higher price than 19 cents per minute for outgoing calls and 5 cents for received calls. View our tips for lower bills.


When you are abroad, but within the European Union, the maximum price (excluding VAT), which mobile operators may charge you is: 

  • 20 cents/MB for downloading data or browsing the Internet,
  • 19 cents per minute for outgoing calls,
  • 5 cents per minute for incoming calls,
  • 6 cents for outgoing text messages,
  • free incoming text messages.

The new Roaming Regulation is valid throughout the EU and provides consumers with reduction in roaming charges, which is valid from the 1st of July 2014.


What to watch?

  • When making calls near the border with a country that is not an EU member, your phone can automatically capture a network of a mobile provider in that country. Then the conversation will be charged as such outside the EU and you can get surprisingly high phone bill.
  • Check applications on your phone (especially if you have a smartphone) and turn off all options for use of mobile Internet. Modern devices are constantly online. Even if you do not open any applications, the phone itself updates software through the Internet, pulls data, and in terms of roaming your bill might significantly increase.
  • Sometimes it is cheaper to call quickly, instead of sending text messages. Some consumers do not dare to call when abroad, but send dozens of text messages to relatives and friends. Sometimes it could be more expensive.



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Good to know

  • While you are abroad in an EU country, the mobile operator is obliged to charge you per second after the first 30 seconds for outgoing calls after the first second for incoming calls.
  • For browsing and downloading movies or video abroad the maximum price is € 0.45 per megabyte.
  • The limit to which mobile operators may charge you for data traffic in another EU country is 50 EUR, unless you are not expressly agreed otherwise.



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