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As an EU citizen you have specific rights
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As an EU citizen you have specific rights:

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Between 9 May and 9 September 2012 you have the chance to give your view on your rights as an EU citizen.

  • Have you ever encountered difficulties moving to anohter EU country?
  • Have you ever had problems when trying to shop online form another EU country?
  • In what kind of Union would you like to live in 2020?

Your view is important

The European Commission is working to strenghten your rights.
In 2010, the European Commission issued the first EU Citizenship Report to inform  EU citizens about their rights.

It listed 25 actions to make citizen`s life easier.

These actions are well on track:check the dedicated scoreboard.

Your views will help us prepare the next EU Citizenship Report that will be published  in 2013-The European Year of Citizens.

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