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Compensation in case of delayed flight


The Sturgeon interpretation is confirmed by the ECJ!
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A new decision of the European Court of Justice was given on the 23rd of October, confirming the court\'s earlier jurisdiction in the Sturgeon case, stating that passengers whose flights are delayed may be treated, for the purposes of the application of the right to compensation, as passengers whose flights are cancelled. Therefore, they may rely on the right to compensation laid down in Article 7 of Regulation No 261/2004 when they suffer, on account of the flight delay, a loss of time of three hours or more.

This decision is very welcomed as it confirms and strengthens the consumer\'s right to compensation when encountering flight delays. This will hopefully lead to a wider use and therefore development of ADR, as the consumers\' confidence that a direct contact with the airline will prove successful, is strengthened. ADR provides the consumer with just such an opportunity of receiving compensation directly from the airline without entering into a legal conflict. Hopefully, it will furthermore persuade the airline companies to genuinely consider the consumers\' complaints and promote the airlines\' willingness to find an amicable solution out of court.

Please find attached the press release on the court case.
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