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Cancelled flight

A Bulgarian bought a ticket from an English Airline. The flight was first announced delayed but then the airport was closed and the flight cancelled. The trader did not provide assistance and the consumer herself reserved a hotel, bought food and paid for another back flight. She complained to the airline and claimed compensation to the amount of 686 euro but the trader refused. After she sent a complaint to us the airline reimbursed her in full.

  • The luggage of three passengers is lost

    The luggage of three passengers is lost

    Three Bulgarian consumers flew from Sofia to the US via Rome with an Italina aircarrier. They comlain about lost luggage.

  • Flight Cancellation

    Flight Cancellation

    Later, the passengers were informed that the alternative flight was also cancelled. Assistance related to providing food, beverages, opportunity for two telephone calls, according to Directive 261/2004 was not provided to the passengers and information for the next possible flights was not offered to them.

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