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Car's scam

On 13.10 a Bulgarian consumer wanted to buy a car –Nissan Navara and because of this reason he registered in a popular German website. Immediately after his registration a seller contacted him and offered to sell him the required car. The seller offered the consumer to use the services of a transportation company, which was presented to him as a very popular company in the area of transport. The consumer and the seller agreed that the price of the car, including all the expenses, will be 5 600 euro. The buyer transferred this amount in two parts into the seller’s account. Suddenly the transportation company entered into the negotiations and informed the consumer that his car will be delivered four days after the transaction or in case of any reason the car not to be delivered, the amount of money will be refunded. The car  was not delivered within the agreed terms. Then the consumer required a refund of the transferred amount of 5600 euro. The money hadn’t been returned and the seller and the transportation company stopped replying to the e-mails of the consumer. The consumer made a complaint to ECC – Bulgaria. They transferred the case to ECC – Great Britain, where the transportation company was registered. There it was found out that there doesn’t exist a trader with this name in Great Britain and it was a case of criminal fraud. The consumer was advised to make a complaint to the police in compliance with his permanent address in Bulgaria.

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