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The wilfulness of mobile operator

Bulgarian consumer, who had studied abroad, has a term contract with German mobile operator. His training ended and he returned to Bulgaria. He has ceased to use the German SIM card, but continues to pay fees, waiting the contract to expire. One day he received on his Bulgarian address another SIM card from the same mobile operator. He called the company and said he has not signed a new contract and therefore does not want to have a second card. They replied that it's a gift - a bonus because he is a loyal customer. Consumer has not activated and has not used the second sim card. However, the mobile operator began to accrue on the invoice additional amount - a monthly fee for the new card. For six months consumer paid both fees, while attempted to solve the problem through direct negotiations with the company, but failed. Following the intervention of Bulgaria ECC and ECC Germany mobile operator returned improper amounts charged for the new card and committed after the expiry of fixed-term contract for the first card, not to renew automatically, but to terminate it.

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