Local consumers impacted by new priorities in air transport

Measures against coronavirus disease spread and impact have brought to some effective changes in how transport works

Vital equipment and medicines supplies by air has appeared to be one of the critical points in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Air Transport Associaton reads.

Changes in figures

4, 5 million passenger flights in all regions have been cancelled since the emergence of the pandemic.  Over 100 carriers have accomplished cargo operations by transforming passenger aircrafts into air cargo operations only. Provision of personal protection equipment, respirators, ventilators, medical equipment and medicines has been the purpose.

As per comprehensive assessment of the latest traffic situation in Europe, flights have decreased by almost 80% in June. In Bulgaria: air traffic has dropped by over 70%, Sofia Airport reported.  

What should passengers from Bulgaria consider

Global changes in the organization of air transport directly concern consumers in Bulgaria. Consumers in the country have submitted over 200 claims to the ECC Bulgaria since March. Some of the most frequently asked questions that we provide free of charge support are:

- Which are our rights in case of unused air tickets?

- What could we insist on in case the airline changes the date of our flight?

- Could we rely on being offered hotel accommodation and meals until we are provided with a seat in another flight?

- What do we need to consider in case we opt for ticket refund?

Considering the differences in cases and issues faced by passengers, the ECC Bulgaria team is available to offer individual consultation on www.ecc.bg