Submitting a complaint to the ECC

When should you use our services?

You are resident in Bulgaria.

Your complaint relates to a commercial enterprise in another EU member state, Norway or Iceland.

You bought a product or service from this trader as a consumer (not a company).

Where possible, you have already notified the trader of your problem (by email, post letter, etc).

How to submit a complaint to ECC Bulgaria?

ECC Bulgaria needs to set up a complete, structured dossier in order to examine your rights as a consumer. Please provide us with any necessary documentation:

  • Proof of purchase or reservation
  • Proof of payment
  • Relevant correspondence with the other party

Do you feel that other documentation would be useful in order to execute your rights as a consumer? Feel free to include them in the appendix.

If you want to send a complaint please use the green button or send us email at: ECCNET-BG@EC.EUROPA.EU

To save duplicate cases being created please only send us one email per issue. 

Consult our Quality Charter if you want to find out what you can expect from ECC Bulgaria. How your personal data is protected you can consult in our Legal information.

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