Undelivered order or defect product bought on the Internet? Before you shop on the Internet it is good to pick a little know-how that could be useful. Get familiar with your rights to cancel the contract and pay attention to offers with lowest prices that seem not to be true.


The European legislation provides protection when you shop online from traders, registered in another EU country. Before you start shopping take some time to learn a few useful advices regarding shopping on the Internet and learn more about your rights:

Right to cancel the contract

  • In the EU you have the right to cancel the online purchase in term of 14 days - cooling off period, which starts from the date of delivery of the order.
  • You can decide to cancel the order, for whatever reason, during the cooling off period, even when you just have changed your mind..
  • The seller shall return your money in 14 days. The refund shoould include all costs you have made.

(!) Nevertheless you may need to bear the costs of returning the product.

The 14 day cooling off period is not applied for:

  • hotel reservations;
  • car rentals;
  • flight tickets and others.
  • when you buy from a private person, not a professional trader, you do not have the right to cancel the contract.

Right to delivery on time

  • Your order has to be delivered in term of 30 days unless oitherwise agreed between you and the trader. Please refer to the General Terms&Conditions.

Right to precontractual information 

The trader is obliged to provide full information in regard to:

  • his name and address.
  • the main charachteristics of the product.
  • the fianl price, with VAT.
  • the price and the way of delivery.

Guarantees and Reclamations 

  • When you buy a product on the Internet, phone or the post from a trader based in the EU, Iceland or Norway you have the same right of two years guarantee that you have when you bought the product on the premises. More information on this right you can find in section "Buying Goods and Services" .

(!) You do not have the right to ask for your money back when there is a minor defect - like uncut or untrimmed thread.

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