EC has proposed to increase the protection for tourist trips

The Commission has adopted a set of proposals to enhance the rights of passengers and travellers and improve their overall experience. These new regulations will take lessons from past experiences, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook in 2019, which had a significant impact on both travellers and the travel industry. The rules will clear up confusion around refunds for flights or multimodal journeys booked through a third-party intermediary to offer better protection to passengers against cancellations. Additionally, they will facilitate seamless travel experiences, especially those that involve different travel services or modes of transportation, by providing direct assistance and real-time information on delays and cancellations. Special attention will be given to the requirements of passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility to enable them to switch between transport modes smoothly and improve the quality of assistance provided when needed.

The proposals adopted today focus on 3 aspects:

1. Stronger passenger rights

2. Protection of package travellers

3. Better multimodal travel information services and the creation of a common European mobility data space


 Photo by Porapak Apichodilok

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