You or someone you know have problems because of incorrect application of the EU legislation in the internal market by the administrations of the Member States? SOLVIT is free of charge service aiming to help citizens and companies in EU to be able to find resolutions to those problems. As a mechanism for resolving cross-border disputes, SOLVIT deals with issues related to the citizen-state administration or company-state administration relations, which excludes the resolution of problems in the private sphere or complaints against traders.

SOLVIT can help with problems regarding social security (pensions, social insurance) as well as with troubles in connection with recognition of professional qualifications, access to education, issuance of visas, residence permits, taxation, registration of motor vehicles, etc. 

Is your case a SOLVIT case? 


In order for a case to be qualified as such and reviewed by the SOLVIT experts it has to be as follows:

- The case to have cross-border character – has arisen before citizens or companies in one Member State and involves the application of EU internal market rules by public authorities in another Member State.

-  It has arisen as a result of incorrect application of Community law, in which case it is a question of incorrect application/interpretation of European Community law. In the field of the internal market, problems may arise from non-compliance with the established deadlines, unfounded refusals to issue the relevant documents, and others.

- In the problem to participate as a party a state body at national, regional or local level - one of the parties is always a state body and the other - a natural person or company. In view of the cross-border element, the parties concerned (citizen or company) need to be from one Member State and the national authorities from another Member State.

- No court proceedings have been instituted to resolve the case.

How the network works

There is one SOLVIT center in each Member State of the Union, as well as in Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein. In Bulgaria, the SOLVIT Center was established within the Directorate "Coordination of European Union Affairs" in the administration of the Council of Ministers.

Citizens or companies can contact the SOLVIT network for assistance by filling out a form or sending an email to