Main documents and deadlines in case of lost, delayed or damaged luggage


At the airport when the luggage does not arrive or is damaged, please fill in the so-called “PIR - Property Irregularity Report” at the Airport's "Baggage Claims" counter. In this PIR you have to explain the problem.

  • Within 7 days, a similar form must be completed on the airline website. In such cases the passenger can buy the essentials, keeping their cash receipts and subsequently requesting reimbursement by the airline.
  • When 21 days have elapsed and the suitcase has not yet arrived, it is presumed lost and a new form has to be submitted on the carrier's website to claim compensation for lost baggage. Send a copy of the tickets and baggage tags as well as the completed PIR, photos. Keep a copy of the complaint.

Whether the suitcase is delayed, lost or damaged, the maximum compensation is up to circa 1200 euros. This amount is regulated in the Montreal Convention and depends on the actual value of the damage in the particular case. Very often a fixed amount per kilogram of missing luggage is paid.

When traveling with valuable luggage you should insure it. In addition, items such as a laptop, camera, jewelry, or home keys should not be put in the suitcase to be checked - leave them in your hand luggage.


Good to know also:


-    Before flight, check the airline website for restrictions on the items you will be carrying. If you put things in the suitcase such as a tablet or other valuables, which is forbidden, do not expect to be compensated in the event of damage or loss.

-    Take a photo or video with the contents of the suitcase.

-    Choose a sturdy suitcase. Do not rely on the fact that you can get compensation, if it is of poor quality materials and it breaks down or there are old damages.

-    Remove all labels from previous trips, put a badge with your name, address, email and phone. This way the airline will be able to contact you if needed.


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