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You will have air passenger rights to the EU, Iceland and Norway when:

• The flight departs from an EU Member State, Iceland or Norway. The rules apply to all of the airlines from or outside the EU, but the ECC can only assist you, if the company is registered in a state of EU, Iceland, Norway or the UK.

• The flight is from a non-EU country and is operated by a company based in the EU, Iceland, Norway or the UK.


Passengers' basic rights


When the air carrier is likely to refuse boarding for a flight with a reasonable cause, it should first ask volunteers to give up their reservations in return for some compensation. If the number of these volunteers is insufficient, the air carrier may refuse to board passengers against their will, compensating them.

In this case, you are entitled to:

  • Cancellation and refund of unused plane ticket;

  • Change of flight to get to the end point of the trip;

  • Return flight to the original departure point at the earliest opportunity;


Right to care

The airline is obliged to provide you with care, while you wait for the replacement flight at the airport.

  • Meals and refreshments;

  • Hotel accommodation, if more than one night is required;

  • Transport from the airport to the accommodation and back;

  • Two free phone calls;

If the carrier does not provide you with care, you may have to pay for them yourself - but these costs must be within reasonable limits. With such a hypothesis, it is a good idea to keep all receipts and other documents so that you can then claim reimbursement.


NB You are not eligible for free food, drinks or accommodation if you choose to reimburse the ticket price.


What compensation can I get if my boarding is denied? 


The amount of compensation depends on the length of the flight.

Type of denial





Receiving Benefits by Negotiations

(e.g. Cash Compensation)

1. A new flight immediately


2. Reservation of flight for another date 


3. Refund of the ticket 


Against the will of the passenger

Cash compensation according to distance and time of new flight

1. A new flight immediately


2. Reservation of flight for another date


3. Refund of the ticket


* Includes providing free meals and refreshments; hotel accommodation and transfer between airport and the accomodation; 2 phone calls.

Up to 1500 km

1500 - 3500 km

Over 3500 km


€ 250

€ 400

€ 600



Using our flight calculator you can check your rights yourself for air traffic problems. Using this tool is easy and free, and you just need to enter the starting and ending point for your journey. You can find the flight calculator here.


They may deny you access on board:


  • For security or health reasons (for example, if you have not previously informed the airline about contagious diseases) or, if you do not have the necessary travel documents - ID, parent's declarations, visa, if required, etc.;

  • If you have a two-way reservation but want to use only the return flight;

  • If you have connecting flights on one reservation but have not used them in the appropriate order;

  • If you are travelling with a pet and do not have the necessary documents (most often, a medical certificate/passport is required);


How to file a complaint? 


If you have a dispute with the EU, Iceland, Norway or UK airline, you should first file a complaint with the carrier. Below is a list of direct links to EU airlines' websites. The company then has 6 to 8 weeks to respond.

If your flight is part of a package holiday, our advice is to seek your tour operator's assistance first.

If you are unsatisfied with the carrier's response, you may file a complaint with the ECC-Net European Consumer Centers Network. We will contact the airline and try to negotiate a voluntary solution to the problem.

To help us deal with your complaint more effectively, attach all the necessary documents - a copy of tickets, receipts, and written correspondence with the airline.

The ECC Network is committed to resolving complaints within 70 days of submitting all necessary documents and accepting the case.


Useful links:


EU complaint form

List of addresses for direct complaints to the airline

List with the еnforcement_bodies

Regulation (EC) No 261/2004










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