More than 91% of the consumers are satisfied with ECC Bulgaria

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The satisfaction of consumers and the resolution of their cross-border problems are the main priorities of the European Consumer Center Bulgaria. For over 15 years, the center has been striving to provide the most appropriate and timely assistance to the citizens of the country, regardless of their nationality. Thanks to the fact that the center is part of the Network of European Consumer Centers and collaborates with the International Consumer Center in the United Kingdom, it has the opportunity to exchange experiences and communicate good practices with colleagues from 29 other countries. ECC Bulgaria offers out-of-court assistance to consumers who shop or travel, rent a car, or vacate a country other than the EU, Iceland, Norway, or the United Kingdom. This makes its existence extremely important and obligates it to evolve continuously to provide better services.

For this purpose, the ECC Bulgaria team monitored and carefully analyzed the feedback received from the consumers who participated in our survey. The survey was administered through the main channel to ensure real responses from actual users, and an automatic email was sent to anyone whose case was closed in the European Commission system where ECC Bulgaria works. Respondents were asked to share their views on the way cases are handled, the effectiveness of the center's work, and their overall satisfaction with their services. To extract reliable patterns and trends, the collected data were anonymized, aggregated, and meticulously analyzed.  

What do the results show for the first six months of 2023?

First, it is evident from the survey that an almost equal number of men and women took part in the survey, with a slight advantage for women, accounting for 50.5% of all respondents. Our practice shows that complaints are often filed by husbands or wives, but these complaints affect the entire family. When we help solve one problem, we can protect the rights of more people.

Consumers aged between 35 and 49 years stand out as the main age group, comprising 50.6% of the survey respondents. This result can be explained by the fact that people in this age range travel abroad more frequently, shop online, and often encounter issues with EU merchants from the European Union. This also indicates that ECC Bulgaria's efforts to disseminate information and educate consumers about their rights and obligations are effective, as this is one of the center's primary target audiences. The second-largest age group among the survey participants consisted of citizens between 50 and 65 years old, who accounted for 20.8% of the respondents. The fewest number of users between the ages of 18 and 24 provided their opinions on the center's work (4.1%). To enhance their knowledge as consumers in the EU, we periodically organized lectures in schools and universities.

For effective communication with any audience member, it is crucial to know the most direct channel through which to reach them. For this reason, the third question posed to the survey participants was how they became aware of the center's existence. The largest percentage of responses came from internet searches (47%). Users are able to find us on the global network thanks to the valuable information on our website,, which ranks among the top results for relevant keywords. The second most common way people learned about us was through recommendations from other users (15%). This is of utmost importance, as we believe that referrals resulting from positive experiences with relatives or acquaintances are among the most influential forms of advertising. Consumers also learn about us through links or contact with consumer associations (14%) and through national or local authorities (13%). Approximately 5% discovered us through social media, and 6% selected "Other," which includes factors such as previous positive experiences, referrals from other European institutions, or terms and conditions on merchants' websites.

Survey data revealed that over 91% of the participants were satisfied with the services provided by the center. This highly positive evaluation is the result of not only the hard work of the ECC Bulgaria team but also the effective collaboration with colleagues in the Network of European Consumer Centers. Our team takes pride in this excellent result, which also indicates that consumers are able to utilize the protection and benefits offered by European Union legislation.

Nearly 80% of the consumers responded that they found the advice and assistance of ECC Bulgaria valuable and confirmed that these services helped resolve their issues. Based on our experience, many consumers find solutions to their cases after consulting with us in advance or after receiving guidance on their rights.

Consumer Opinions and Suggestions

The final question in the survey was dedicated to the opinions and suggestions of Bulgaria's consumers. These recommendations primarily revolve around consumers' desire for ECC Bulgaria to have more authority in the realm of consumer protection. The following are some of the comments.

"In my opinion, everything is wonderfully organized. The European Consumer Center Bulgaria, operates perfectly. Thank you for your help."

"I have no suggestions. The ECC work and the time taken to resolve this case exceeded my expectations. Thank you."

"Exceptional job, I'm very impressed."

"I currently have no comments. The patient responded promptly and appropriately. Many thanks! Keep assisting people."

"Legislation should grant more rights to ECC."

Areas for Improvement

Extremely positive responses reflect Bulgaria's dedication and accountability to consumers. Thanks to this feedback, we also grasp what needs to change to provide even clearer and more comprehensible information and to meet the public's expectations regarding the speed of assistance provided. Utilizing the survey results, ECC Bulgaria will continue to enhance its services and promote equitable relationships between consumers and businesses. Ultimately, the overarching aim is to bolster confidence in the European market and the opportunities it presents.

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