Gift vouchers in Europe

Gift vouchers are popular and meanwhile, they do not stop at national borders within the EU. But is it even possible to buy gift
vouchers in another EU country? And: When do gift certificates expire? The European Consumer Center Bulgaria provides
useful information:
Can I buy gift certificates online in another EU Member State?
Yes. Thanks to the end of unjustified geo-blocking, you can buy goods and services from traders based in another EU country.
This also applies to vouchers. However, keep in mind that the seller is not obliged to deliver to if he usually doesn’t. The
delivery problem can occur while buying voucher cards, but not in case of electronic coupons. You can find the corresponding information in the General Terms and Conditions. If you are in doubt, do not hesitate to ask the trader!
How long are vouchers valid?
While there is no expiry date for vouchers in Italy and Bulgaria, in France, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Iceland and Latvia, the expiry date is set by the merchant.
Can personalized vouchers be used by other persons?
In France, personalized vouchers can only be used by third parties if the GTC specifically provide so. In Austria such vouchers may only be used by the person whose name appears on it.
If something went wrong with my voucher, and I have a dispute with a dealer from another EU country, Iceland or Norway, whom can I contact?
Contact your European Consumer Cente.