ECC-Net to battle traps on social media

Every day, European consumers encounter enticing ads that present targeted offers on social media. The social media sites are fast, effective means of reaching consumers with irresistible deals. However, some companies take advantage of this to catch consumers in subscription traps or to phish money and data from them. 

Across the EU, Norway and Iceland, the European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) assists consumers caught in traps set for them on social media by unscrupulous companies.

In February, the ECC-Net will be focusing on this issue in all 30 countries. The campaign is part of the 15-year anniversary of the ECC-Net, which is celebrated by raising awareness of 12 key consumer issues over the year – a new one each month.

The tips:

1. Check the offer! If the seller is an individual, you may have problems with your right of withdrawal or with the warranty.

2. Pay safely online! Use your bank card or a secure payment system.

3.  Learning a new language in 1 month? Losing 10 kg  in one week? Consider if exaggerated promises are truly achievable! 



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